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Buddhist Temple Stockport – Dhammakaya

Stepping inside the Buddhist Temple in Stockport transports you to another time and place. The centre known as Wat Phra Dhammakaya, promotes Meditation following the Buddhist Thai tradition and is both a calming and intriguing experience to the British visitor.

The centre have opportunities to visit and celebrate Thai traditional festivals and Buddhist events, they also offer meditation, Thai language and Yoga classes. Some of the rooms have undergone renovation with work continuing to improve on the communal areas at the temple.

The Buddhist order wish to educate and enlighten visitors and I guess only visiting in person will do this. So I hope the tour will give an insight into what lies inside what was an old church and encourage people to go and learn further from these very approachable people.

Dhammakaya Europe International
Edgeley Rd, Stockport, Cheshire SK3 0TL


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