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You have a website, you’re on Google Places ( Now Google Local ) and Maps, but have you heard of Google’s new service, Google Maps Business View?

Google Business Photos are an interactive 360 degree virtual tour of your business. It uses the same technology Google utilises for its Street Views. And now, this technology is available to businesses to use and to upload the results and be featured on Google Places, Maps and the search engine results pages. Furthermore, it’s easy to embed these images into your own website to further promote your business.

Using our Google certified photographer, your business can benefit from this virtual tour and present a new way to communicate with your customers, by allowing them to visit your business without even having to go there. It’s a great way to make a first impression with potential clients, and can show them how professional you already are.

These virtual tours allow your customers to walk around your business from the comfort of their computer and explore without them being there. It’s a great way to promote familiarity, and allow them and insight before they venture out physically.

Having this visual information not only helps your customers and your business, but also helps Google understand more what you are about and even boost your rankings too. Remember, Google is a business too, and its customers are the people who use it to search, so it is always going to be geared to satisfying their clients. If you can help them do that by providing even more relevant content, then they will help your online presence too.

Our photographer is fully trained by Google to use the equipment, this means you can be sure the job will be done professionally and properly. Furthermore, the resulting images will all be uploaded correctly and placed in the appropriate places within Google. These 360 degree virtual tours can not only be embedded into your website, but also onto your social media pages too, providing your followers with an instant insight into your premises.

Google only trains a limited number of photographers in each area, so if anyone offers a similar service without certification, you know not to use them. Google certified photographers use the same equipment Google uses for its Street Views which keeps the 360 degree business views consistent. Because the people Google trains are already well established photographers, you can be sure of a fully professional and expert experience when they come to photograph your premises.

This applies with our photographer who will come to your business to provide you with her expertise and shoot your 360 degree virtual tour, and then upload it.

This service is fantastic for restaurants, gyms, stores, salons, hotels, pubs and other businesses, in fact any place where your customers visit you.

Remember, only use a Google certified photographer because they use the same technology Google does. Secondly, they have been trained to take the pictures, and trained to upload them to the correct places, and this will enable Google to help your online presence, and ultimately your business.

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