How to Embed Your Google Tour

So you have a Google tour how do you go about putting it into your website

How to Embed Your Google Business Photo Tour Within Your Own WebsiteHow to Embed Your Tour
1. Go to your tour window in Google maps.
Use this link
2. In the left hand corner you’ll see the print and link symbol.
3. Click on the link symbol.
4. In here you will find a URL to copy and paste to share in emails or Social Media.
5. And below this you have the code to ‘Paste HTML to embed in website’ simple!

Your web designer can use this code to pull in the virtual tour from Google into your website.

The beauty of this code is that wherever you wish to start the tour the code reflects this and bingo your tour starts there.

For instance the tour on Google begins in the reception but you would like to show someone a feature in the showroom.

By simply positioning the tour at the view you would like then by copying the code at that point you can share that view on an email or on your website.

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