Google Trusted Photographer Nicola Williams of 360 Spin approved as the first Manchester supplier for Google Business PhotosWhat Impression Does Your Website Create?

High quality digital photography should no longer be regarded as a luxury when it comes to designing a webpage or blog post. Your website is your calling card and Internet users, increasingly exposed to a variety of creative visual designs, have come to expect photographs and other images to be engaging and polished. 360 Spin’s experienced and creative photographers are on hand to shoot and produce images to a professional standard to give your business the presence and credibility it deserves.

Our photographers are also among a limited number of Google Approved Photographers, permitted to shoot and upload 360 degree photography for use on Google My Business (similar to Google Street View for business premises and other interior spaces).

Photography for Print Publications

When using photographs and other images for print purposes, it is vital to ensure you have a digital image file of the correct format and size. Stretching a web-sized image to fill a newspaper or magazine page will create a poor quality picture that will usually be rejected by editors.

We recommend that you always have a selection of professional quality print-size images that can be used to accompany articles and press releases. Many newspapers will insist you provide photographs along with your copy and good quality pictures will always improve your company’s chances of seeing print and being noticed by potential customers.

Photography and SEO

Did you know that the use of photography can enhance your search engine results?

Google understand that website visitors want to see interesting and visually appealing content and so it is no coincidence that sites containing high quality photographs usually appear above their competitors in Google Search listings. Google have also made it simple to sign up to their free Google My Business service and to upload digital photographs. These pictures are used in everything from Google Maps and Google+ Local to Google Search results, so it makes sense to take advantage of this free opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

What’s more, Google My Business profiles are usually prioritised above search results on webpages and mobile devices, so if you have not claimed your business yet, please speak to us and we’ll show you how. 360 Spin can also advise you on how to properly tag your online photographs so they can be correctly indexed under Google Images and other image-focused search engines.

Warning: Could your Photographs get you into Trouble?

Many business owners are unwittingly exposing themselves to the risk of legal action by displaying photographs for which they do not own the copyright and have no licence to use. Others have bought royalty-free stock images without realising that the licence they have purchased does not permit commercial use.

Some photographers and photography licence holders are using powerful software to hunt down illegal usage of their images and winning damages for copyright infringement.

The safest way to protect your business from copyright infringement is to commission a professional photographer to take images for you and to ensure you have a licence to use them or are granted a transfer of copyright.

To book, or to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable photographers for more information, please contact us.


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