Facebook Advertising

With over a quarter of the world now on Facebook, businesses should be thinking hard about how the biggest social media platform on the planet can support their growth.

Social media marketing is now a key component of off-page SEO and the social signals generated from Facebook engagement will help you to 360 Spin on the search engines too. Facebook advertising is based on a pay-per-click (PPC) model similar to Google AdWords.

How Facebook Advertising Works?

Facebook advertising follows a similar model to Google AdWords. Marketers allocate a daily or campaign budget, a proportion of which is offered as a bid for advertising space. A successful bid leads to their advert being displayed with the bid amount deducted from the budget when somebody clicks on it.

As with AdWords, Facebook introduce an element of quality control through scoring adverts on relevance and expected engagement. Adverts which are well targeted and provide social value are more likely to be shown and will cost you less. That is why a Facebook advertising campaign should be treated seriously and, where possible, run by experienced social media specialists.

As Facebook is based upon the concept of social sharing, there is a lot of rich demographic and behavioural data stored within its digital vaults. This is a potential gold mine for advertisers who can target exactly the type of person most likely to benefit from their product or service. The Audience Network also extends Facebook’s reach to selected third party mobile apps.

Outsource Your Facebook Advertising To 360 Spin

As you probably realise, Facebook advertising can and often should be treated as a business function of its own. Rather than attempt to run a campaign in the midst of your other operations, consider offloading the responsibility to a team who are familiar with the social media landscape – 360 Spin !

Our social media management service is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of any business. If Facebook is your preferred platform, we can manage all aspects of your social activity from content creation and post scheduling to Facebook advertising.

Facebook Advertising And Social Media Training

One of the most cost-effective ways to manage your Facebook advertising – if you have the resource available – is in-house. 360 Spin offer a high quality social media training package that can be specific to Facebook or cover multiple platforms.

Rather than leaving you to sort through the wheat and chaff of online information yourself, the 360 Spin training team will concentrate on teaching you exactly what you need to know to run an effective Facebook advertising campaign.

Once you have a good grounding in how Facebook advertising works, you can disseminate the information to your team. As long as you keep informed about latest developments, you will never have to spend another penny on social media education again.

PPC Packages For All Budgets

If you prefer to focus all your efforts on PPC advertising without the rest of the social media activity, we can design a PPC package which covers AdWords, Facebook advertising and other relevant advertising tools. This will help to integrate your advertising across the wider internet.

As PPC specialists, we can take advantage of the razor-sharp targeting capability of Facebook advertising rather than rely on the blunter default settings. We will fine-tune each campaign to ensure maximum ad exposure for minimum cost. We will also audit results using platform-specific and third-party analytics tools and report on progress as required.

Facebook advertising, social media management, social media training and PPC packages are all strings to the bow of 360 Spin digital marketing expertise. Each element can lead to impressive results but it is when taken together that they can transform your business. To find out more about our services and discuss your business needs please call us today.