Paid Social Advertising

Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most sure-fire ways of generating traffic for your business. PPC is most often associated with Google AdWords but is also a popular strategy in paid social advertising.

Paid social advertising includes Facebook Ads and Sponsored Tweets as well as a host of other platform-specific services. Not all utilise the PPC model but it is becoming the default option.

How Does PPC Paid Social Advertising Work?

Just as in PPC search and display advertising (e.g. Adwords, Bing Ads, etc.), PPC paid social advertising is based around a modified bidding system. For example, Facebook Ads require marketers to select a daily or lifetime budget and then uses factors such as expected engagement rate and ad relevance to determine the winner at an advert auction. The winner’s ad is served to the viewer and the marketer only charged when the ad is clicked. The modifications ensure that cost alone is not enough to dominate an auction.

Likewise, Sponsored Tweets on Twitter compete using a bidding system with marketers charged if the tweet is engaged with (e.g. re-tweeted, favourited or a link clicked on).

There are other formats of paid social advertising that may interest you, from cost-per-impression banner ad campaigns and auto-play videos to brand sponsorship deals. Call us if there is something specific you are interested in.

The Benefits of Paid Social Advertising

Paid social advertising campaigns can be very powerful as they combine several unique benefits. For example, social media was formed on the basis of sharing information and this has led to a wealth of rich demographic and behavioural data.

Advertisers can tap into this data to create highly targeted campaigns. The granularity of Facebook is so fine that marketers could target, for example, 19 year old men from Stockport who have just bought a car or 25-30 year old women from Exeter who have just got married. This increases click and conversion rates, maximising marketing ROI.

Paid social advertising is also more likely to lead to long-term engagement than search marketing due to the social nature of the platform. Whereas a PPC search ad can be used to capture an email address, it is oftren thought of as a short-term strategy to support a one-time promotion. Paid social advertising makes it much easier for visitors to engage and stay connected by simply clicking a like or follow button. These ‘social signals’ will in turn positively affect your search engine rankings as they mark you out as popular and active within your niche.

Paid social marketing also tends to be low-cost and flexible. This can be really valuable if you just want to test the reaction of a market segment without shelling out large sums of money. It can also be a good way for businesses to maintain a social media presence without having to create daily posts. This might suit small businesses with limited resources.

How 360 Spin Can Support Your Paid Social Advertising

From running your paid social advertising on your behalf to training your team in the fine detail of setting up a successful campaign, 360 Spin can support your business. Our social media specialists are skilled and experienced in managing campaign budgets, selecting keywords, writing persuasive ads and all other aspects of paid social advertising. They are also well-versed in the types of content suitable for each social media platform and the accepted etiquette when posting.

Depending on your business objectives and budget we can help you with anything from a single social advertising campaign to your entire digital marketing operation. For a full run dow of what we can do for you, please call our friendly team on 0161 610 9360.