Twitter Advertising

Twitter’s fast moving, real-time social media platform has carved out its own niche in the social media landscape. Twitter Ads is its own social media advertising service and can be tailored to raise brand awareness, encourage website clicks or app installation and promote videos amongst other goals.

From full social media management to bespoke social media training packages, 360 Spin offers various services to help your business take advantage of Twitter advertising.

The Growth of Twitter Advertising

While Twitter remains somewhat in the shadow of Google and Facebook, the incorporation of auto-play video, simplified news feeds and improved targeting is making the platform more appealing to advertisers.

Companies and individuals with a large and active Twitter following are best placed to supplement their content with Twitter Ads. Twitter offers various campaign options depending on your brand goals. For example, a brand awareness campaign will focus on maximising exposure and advertisers are charged on an impressions or CPM basis (how many people see your tweet). On the other hand, a follower-based campaign will aim to persuade those you target to click the ‘Follow’ button and only this action will be charged for. A website or app conversion campaign will use the popular PPC (pay-per-click) model, charging advertisers for every click.

Let 360 Spin Social Media Specialists Run Your Twitter Advertising

Although Twitter advertising can be set up to run automatically, better results come from active campaign management. 360 Spin can discuss your business objectives with you, help you to select the appropriate type of Twitter advertising, adjust budgets and use Twitter’s targeting tool to ensure you reach the people you most want to appeal to.

Twitter provide in-depth analytics to help advertisers understand the impact of their Twitter advertising and make changes as necessary. Our social media specialists are experienced in drawing conclusions from this data and fine-tuning campaigns accordingly.

With 360 Spin in control of your Twitter or social media management, you can focus on your day-to-day operations while receiving regular reports on your campaign progress.

360 Spin Can Train Your Team On Twitter Advertising And Save You Money

If you want to retain your Twitter advertising in-house but are unsure how to best manage your campaigns, 360 Spin also offer fully customised social media training. Whether you want to focus exclusively on Twitter or make the most of other social media platforms we can design a training package for you.

Likewise, you can ask us to drill down only on social media advertising or broaden the scope to give you and your team an overview of social media marketing – or Twitter marketing – in general.

The breadth and depth of our social media knowledge is at your disposal with our tailor-made training packages. Call us today to discuss your specific business needs.

The Power of Hashtags And Other Twitter Tools

Most social media and search marketing relies on the use of keywords to reach out to its target market but Twitter redefined the use of the hashtag symbol. By incorporating popular hashtags into your Twitter advertising, your ad can reach the widest audience possible. There are tools which specialise in finding relevant hashtags that can be combined with your keywords to boost short-term and long-term exposure. Other tools monitor the Twitter-sphere for conversations about your brand and questions relevant to your industry. This can help inform your next step by highlighting hot topics and brand strengths and weaknesses.

By utilising the most powerful tools and drawing on our social media experience, 360 Spin can achieve more from your Twitter campaign than through guesswork alone. Twitter moves fast so call us today to start your campaigning or training.