By having a tour of your restaurant on Google you are opening your doors to potential customers actively looking for somewhere to dine.
This exciting photography puts the fun into booking a night out, exploring a restaurant before they’ve been there. Restaurants can benefit from Google business photography in a number of ways. The enhanced listing will provide a seamless link from Google street views directly on to the premises.
Customers can ‘walk’ from the street into the business for a virtual look of where they may be planning to spend the evening.
Click and drag the image below to virtually walk around the restaurant, let new customers see what you have to offer 24 x 7!

View Larger Map Click and Drag to Explore the 360 Virtual Tour. Click the Arrows to Move Around.

When potential customers in your area are looking for convenient eateries, they can access Google maps on their mobile device which will display all the services in that area. An enhanced listing with a tour and photography will in an instant show the customer what you have on offer.

To qualify to have Google Business Photography all you need is a Google Places page, which is an easy to set up free listing. If you’re not familiar with Google Places here’s a link to further information.

Typically a small to medium sized restaurant would have 6-15 virtual tours of the interior that connect from outside to inside and 10-15 still shots of the exterior, menu, interior décor etc. This large amount of photography is then inputted into the largest search engine in the world for you!

Our prices for this amazing service start from £245 + vat

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