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Social Media Management – Are you Connected?

Social Media ManagementWhether you like it or not, the age of top-down brand to consumer communication is over, and if your business is going to continue to grow you will need to understand what the new era of user-controlled communication is all about and get on top of your brand’s social media management.

By handing that responsibility to 360 Spin, we can help you to keep pace with the constantly changing social landscape and keep you on top of your industry.

Our experience with business-centred social media management means we can give you sound advice on everything from where to advertise and which social media platforms to focus on to how best to generate and promote your social content.

Powerful Social Media Tools & Techniques

Effective social media management can be a complex task for any single person, our team of social media specialists can look after this important element for your business.

360 Spin uses the most effective industry-standard tools and strategies to give your business the speed and agility it needs, streamlining your social activity for maximum effectiveness.

This includes choosing the type and timing of your updates and posts so that they reach the right audience at precisely the time they are online and most receptive.

Adapt Quickly with Data-Driven Results

With 360 Spin there’s no guesswork involved in optimising your social media management campaign. We know that you can only measure your performance if you know where you are and where you want to be. By presenting you with key analytics tailored to the specific needs of your business, we will ensure you have a clear idea of what is working and what needs tweaking.

With accurate, meaningful statistics at your fingertips, you will quickly be able to spot patterns and adapt your approach to take advantage of emerging trends. This is the kind of flexibility you can start to enjoy with 360 Spin on your team and will leave competitors struggling in your wake.

Social Media Monitoring

Effective social media management is a two-way dialogue and is as much about listening to your customers and visitors as it is about talking to them. If your customers feel you are only half-heartedly taking part in the social sphere they will soon dwindle away.
360 Spin will closely monitor the social media networks you are part of – and those you are not – to keep you fully engaged in the conversation and ensure your customers feel respected.

Goal-Orientated Social Media Management

Some social media management companies are all about showcasing the latest social media platforms and showing off the most trendy tools. While it is important to  keep abreast of all new developments, 360 Spin are not about wasting your time and money by jumping on every new bandwagon.

By combining our many year’s of experience with sound, evidence-based practice we will never stray from the main objective of finding you more genuine followers and helping you to build long-term relationships with them. This is the only way to build your customer base and increase your reputation, both as a business and as a socially fluent brand.

Speak to one of our experienced social media management specialists today to find out more about how social media works and the role 360 Spin could play in your business success.

Social Media Management Training

As part of our social media services we can also come into businesses to train staff. We teach good practice in social media and the relevant skills to get your team started. Our training can be bespoke to address any issues and organise a strategy that you can work to on a day to basis. Please get in touch for more information.

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