Advertise your business on Social Media with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Social Media ManagementSocial Media Marketing – Harnessing the Power of Social Media to Drive Business

We are all aware of how Facebook, Twitter and the rest have changed the face of social interaction but these social media platforms are now coming into their own as promotional tools for clued up business owners. There is no doubt about it; well targeted paid social advertising (e.g. Boosted Facebook Posts, Sponsored Twitter and Instagram Ads, etc.) can bring an influx of new and engaged visitors into your social network and, from there, into your high street shop or online marketing funnel.

In addition, the effective use of social media marks you out as a socially fluent business or organisation which will enhance your reputation, particularly with the younger demographic.

360 Spin can coach you into making sound, evidence-based decisions regarding your paid social media marketing and getting the most out of your advertising spend. We can offer a standalone paid search service, a full social media management package or even bespoke in-house social media training.

Quantity Counts: Advertising on Facebook

For sheer numbers, paid Facebook advertising is in a different league from the rest of the social media platforms with a staggering 1.65 billion monthly active users as of March 2016. Facebook is also an attractive platform for those businesses targeting older customers since around 45% of users are over the age of 35 and over 55s are an increasing segment.

360 Spin can help you to manage your Facebook advertising to take advantage of its laser-like focusing ability and inherent share-ability while overcoming disadvantages such as limited ad content space and its relatively complex user interface.

Social Media Marketing – Do you Have a YouTube Video in you?

If you can turn your business offering into a video, then YouTube’s audience of over a billion might be of interest. YouTube is a hugely competitive environment but advertisers only have to pay when users interact with content. For more about the different types of advertising available on Google’s popular video platform, contact 360 Spin.

Tweets and Web Cards: Advertising on Twitter

Compared with Facebook and YouTube, Twitter’s user base of just over 300 million may seem small, but Twitter’s power is in its real-time engagement and ability to instantly generate viral conversations known as trends. Twitter also offers benefits such as the ability to target viewers of specific TV programmes and a choice of promoted content (tweets, accounts or trends) and conversion-friendly cards.

On the other hand, some business owners are put off by Twitter’s comparatively high minimum costs and the inability to segment audience by age. 360 Spin can take you through the pros and cons of advertising through Twitter, helping you to make an informed choice.

Tap into the Next Generation with Instagram

If your business is creative and visual in nature and your target audience are below the age of 35 then Instagram advertising could be beneficial to driving up your brand engagement. Sponsored Instagram pictures and videos appear on a user’s stream as almost identical to natural content and user engagement levels dwarf those of both Facebook and Twitter. Prices have also come down significantly. 360 Spin can help you to allocate your social advertising spend most sensibly, focusing on just one platform or several.

Keeping you in the Social Loop

LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, Snapchat and YouTube are just a few of the many social media platforms that also offer an advertising element, and it is anybody’s guess what will be around the next corner. What you can be sure of is that with our in-depth experience in the sphere of advertising and social media marketing, 360 Spin are perfectly placed to spot any potential opportunities for your business.

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