Social Media ManagementDo you Have Enough Time for your Social Media Strategy?

If your answer is no, or that you don’t even have a social media strategy then you probably could do with some social media training from 360 Spin’s social media management specialists.

Any business which thinks that it doesn’t need to be involved with social media is misguided. If you are not part of the ever-changing, rapidly evolving social media world then you are almost certainly failing to communicate with the majority of your customers. If you are not part of the social media grapevine then you are at the mercy of what your competitors choose to say about you, and impotent when it comes to reacting to customer needs.

Fortunately, with 360 Spin tailored social media training packages, you don’t have to employ a social media expert or waste time trying to find your feet in an often bewildering landscape of social media platforms, apps and widgets.

About Social Media Training

360 Spin social media training can take place at your place of work and can be arranged to fit in with your business schedule. It deconstructs and demystifies the world of social media, enabling you to gain a foothold and develop a workable strategy that fits in with your organisation’s aims and objectives.

You will learn the basics of the most useful social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Google +, together with guidance on good practice.

As you and your team grow in confidence, we will move on to more advanced aspects of social media management including how to select the platforms that will best serve your business, what type of content to post and when to post it for maximum effect.

Gaining Insight from Social Media

360 Spin social media training will also cover the all-important area of social media analytics – the conversion of social media interactions and conversations into useful information which can be translated into business insight. Analytics includes both quantitative and qualitative information and understanding this data is key to the success of your social media strategy. Whereas numbers can tell you who you are reaching and how far your message has travelled, the content of those messages can help furnish numbers with explanations and also help you to stay on the pulse of your industry.

About CRM and Social Media Monitoring

Social media training will also benefit your CRM (customer relationship management) since customers often use social media channels to vent their spleens or to rave about a new product or service. To make the most out of a glowing review on Twitter or to limit the damage done by a negative Facebook post it is important that you have effective social media monitoring tools in place and know how to use them.

Every day, more and more businesses and organisations are joining the ever-expanding web of social media and your competitors are probably among them. Ensuring that your team are properly trained in social media management will help you to gain a competitive advantage in this exciting new social world. Please contact our social media team today for more information about our training packages.