The Store Room in Manchester Bespoke Navigation

The overlay system adds important features of navigation and information boxes, video and images can also be added.

Self storage has been a fast growing industry in recent years with lots of competition in the UK. The Store Room in Manchester really wanted to stay ahead of their rivals and get across the impressive facilities they provide.

I went down to The Store Room to meet Jeremy and the team and we walked the huge site to best see how the tour would flow. It was good to have this chat as the guys had great ideas. We decided to best show the storage spaces it would be a great idea to physically label the rooms for the tour. This would help customers envisage the space better and aid them in choosing the right size room.

The tour was booked and because of the pre-planning went smoothly. The room labeling looks professional and informative. I also produced some still shots for use on their Google page as well as their marketing material. The tour went live only a week after the shoot and brilliantly illustrates the room sizes available.

A well as the tour we also produced an overlay for the website. This utilizes the Google Maps Business View and enhances its navigability with clickable headings; the tour then jumps to different areas and displays information about the room size your looking at. The Store Room will be displaying this on their website and sharing through social media as a great addition to their sales and marketing tools.