Enliven your Business Listings with a Google Approved Virtual Tour

Google Business ViewWith professional websites and high quality photography becoming more affordable all the time, it is becoming more difficult than ever for businesses to stand out from their competitors. If you’ve tried still images, photo galleries, videos and colourful web copy and you’re still not attracting enough attention, perhaps it’s time to consider a Google-approved virtual tour using 360 Spin Virtual Tour Photography.

A virtual tour replaces flat, uninspiring pictures with rich three-dimensional imagery and full navigational control. It is Google Street View picked up and taken inside a shop, office, concert hall or other interior space (and a virtual tour can even be integrated with Google Street View to enable visitors to walk in and out of your premises as if they were really there).

360 Spin: Virtual Tour Photography – Google Trusted Photographers

To ensure the imagery meets their exacting standards, Google have trained and authorised a network of photographers throughout the UK. Nicola from 360 Spin has achieved Google Street View Trusted Photographer status for the Manchester, Stockport, Cheshire and surrounding areas so if your business or organisation is located in any of these areas we would be happy to book your virtual tour. Nicola can also handle the uploading of the still images on to Google’s platform leaving you to just sit back and admire the results.

What Type of Business is Virtual Tour Photography for?

During our time taking virtual tour photography, we have been amazed at the variety of buildings and locations we’ve been called out to. As well as retail outlets and offices we have snapped pubs, restaurants, play centres, theatres, salons, hotels, art galleries, community spaces and many more venues, some of which could never have been given justice through words and still images alone.

You may think that your premises would be of little interest as an online tour hotspot but don’t jump to conclusions. Even if your premises is very ordinary, do the grounds add something unique? Is your shop or warehouse difficult to find or is there a specific parking spot to recommend? If so, perhaps your Street View-integrated virtual tour could be used as a service to help visitors get their bearings before they leave their own home.

Where do Google Virtual Tours Appear?

Once uploaded, the real power of Google Virtual Tours becomes apparent. Not only will your interactive experience become deeply integrated within Google Maps and Google Street View, it will also show up in Google Search results (with an invitation to ‘see inside’), Google Places and Google My Business. What’s more, 360 Spin will provide you with all of the images (10-15) and knowledge you will need to upload your tour to your website, Facebook page or any other online platform.

Booking your Virtual Tour Slot

To find out more about 360 Spin Virtual Tour Photography and the Google Street View Trusted Photographer network, please give us a call. If you do decide to go ahead with a tour, we will work together to choose a suitable time for our visit. It is better to capture your premises on an ordinary working day but you should always advise any staff and customers that they will be filmed (although Google will automatically blur their features). Nicola will then work from the outside in, capturing all angles of the rooms you wish to include in your tour including any special features of interest which you want us to include.

Our prices for Virtual Tour Photography start from £245+VAT and there are no ongoing costs. Hosting is provided by Google and is free of charge.

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