360 Video Production Manchester 

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Taking Interactive to a New Level

Most people have now experienced the results of 360 degree panoramic video with still footage, many through the medium of Google Street View and Google Business View. 360 video filming and production takes this immersive art to a whole new level by combining the high-tech filming and editing wizardry behind 360 degree still imagery with film video footage. The results have been used in everything from music videos and horror clips to hot air balloon shows and are truly captivating. Rather than purely being an active spectator in a passive environment, 360 video filming and production invites observers into the heart of a fully engaging video production.

360 Spin are pleased to be able to offer a complete 360 video filming and production service to local businesses, professionals and hobbyists. If you want a cut of the action then get in touch with us.

Google Approved Experience with 360 Spin

As one of an elite group of Google Trusted Photography providers, 360 Spin are better placed than most to provide you with all of the expertise and advice you need to make your next private or business project a resounding success. We provide an     end-to- end 360 video filming and production solution which includes everything  from placing cameras, setting exposure and directing participants down to editing the resulting footage using state-of-the-art 3D stitching processes. All you have to do is     bring your ideas and storyboard to us – we can handle the rest.

360 videos are already becoming available on YouTube to anyone with a Chrome browser (both Google platforms). Our experience of working within Google’s technological framework gives us the edge over opportunists who are new to the field of 360 video.

The Benefits of  360 Video Filming and Production

360 video filming broadens the scope for creating high quality, fully immersive experiences for your customers or audience. From a business angle, 360 videos can now be effortlessly uploaded to YouTube, just like a standard video, with the extra advantage that viewers can interact with the content by navigating around and through the content using either clickable arrows or keyboard commands. Of course, the longer a potential customer is interacting with your content the better for your business, particularly if they then share what they find.

Whether you already have a formulated idea about what kind of content you want to create or are in need of some inspiration, 360 Spin’s seasoned photography and marketing specialists are here to help turn your ideas into a workable production plan.

360 Video and VR Technology

By integrating 360 video filming and production with up-and-coming virtual reality technologies, such as Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift, the potential for creating amazing multi-media content is almost here. The industry may be in its infancy, but business owners are already grasping the opportunities for enhanced interaction and communication and tightening their grip on market share – with more sure to follow soon. Make sure your business is ahead of the curve in your industry by talking to one of 360 Spin’s experienced advisors today.