Manchester Midi School360 Video The Cutting Edge of Online Content

Building on the foundations of 360 degree still photography (as seen in Google Street View) and the increasing sophistication of video cameras and editing software, 360 Degree Video is redefining what was previously thought possible in the field of content creation. This exciting new technology brings user interaction to a new level, giving business owners the opportunity to command the attention of their prospective customers with irresistible content.

While it is usually impractical for business owners to create their own 360 videos, experienced 360 degree photographers and videographers from specialist companies like 360 Spin have the capability and equipment to help you to utilise this groundbreaking technology to enhance your business’s online presence.

To find out more about how 360 degree video shooting & production works, please contact us and one of our friendly consultants will be happy to explain further.

360 Video is Mainstream

360 Degree video is not something that is on the horizon – it is here now. There is already a dedicated Facebook channel for interacting with 360 degree content, and 360 degree YouTube videos can now be viewed – with full navigational control – on most browsers. Not only are viewers able to see what a deep sea diver, drag racer or mountain climber sees, they can interact to a level never seen before, panning around the environment, zooming in to areas of interest and adjusting the perspective, sound etc. through on-screen icons.

360 Degree Video and Virtual Reality

As VR (virtual reality) is gradually phased in to society, the opportunities for businesses and individuals to create immersive content will grow exponentially. Already Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Gear are collaborating to develop a Galaxy smartphone-mounted headset while Google’s pioneering Cardboard project is enabling even basic smartphone users to enjoy a taste of what’s to come.

VR technology may be commonly associated with the world of gaming, but once VR headsets become the norm, forward-thinking businesses will be fighting for a slice of the pie as they realise the power of 3D content to attract and retain 3D-hungry customers.

This is the ideal time to get a head start on your competitors by developing your own high quality 360 Degree content.

Getting Started with 360 Degree Video Shooting & Production

360 degree video shooting & production requires specialist equipment and technology including expensive cameras and rigs and sophisticated software. In addition, everything needs to be compatible with the platform on which the final video will be shown. 360 Spin can handle all of the technical side for you so all you need to do is focus on the creative ideas you want to express.

We will also need to spend some time thinking about the filming location. Lighting is a significant factor in creating a successful video, and the location will need to be carefully managed to ensure we capture only what is wanted (it is easy to forget that a 360 video is filming everything around you at all times!)

Whether you already have an idea for a project, or just want to explore the possibilities of 3D Video shooting & production, please get in touch with our team.