Instagram Advertising

If you prefer your ads to show rather than tell then Instagram advertising could be for you. Online consumers are becoming increasingly visually orientated and Instagram is one of the most downloaded photo-sharing apps on the planet.

If you want to join more than a million marketers using Instagram advertising, 360 Spin can help get you up and running.

Powered By Facebook; Delivered On Instagram

Instagram is Facebook’s own photo-sharing app with advertisers able to tap into Facebook’s rich store of demographic and behavioural data. Instagram advertising can be targeted by demographic (age, gender, language, etc.), interests, location and even behaviours such as app installs or account follows. Instagram advertising even allows advertisers to automatically target ‘lookalike’ customers who are similar to existing customers.

Instagram provides a clean and simple interface, described by the company as a ‘creative canvas,’ on which advertisers can display still photographs, videos, swipeable carousels and curated visual ‘stories’. Instagram videos can be up to a minute long and displayed in landscape or portrait form. They are experiencing a boom in popularity at the moment with a 40% increase in engagement over the past six months.

Instagram advertising follows the customer buying cycle by offering three types of campaign matched to the awareness, consideration and conversion phases. For example, awareness campaigns focus on reach and frequency metrics while conversion campaigns concentrate on clicks and app installations.

Use 360 Spin To Run Your Instagram Campaigns

If you lack the staff, time, knowledge or desire to run your own Instagram advertising campaign, 360 Spin can help. We have a deep understanding of social media including how to create platform-specific content, which type of advertising works for different business objectives and how to monitor and report on progress.

As with all forms of online advertising, running an Instagram campaign needs to be based on a sound marketing strategy and supported by evidence. Jumping in with both feet is unlikely to bring success and can even harm your marketing if you engage with the platform in the wrong way.

360 Spin understand how Instagram users interact with the app and what approach businesses need to take to engage their interest. Before we get started we will work with you to determine a suitable plan of attack including establishing useful metrics to measure activity.

Although you can relax and leave the running of your campaigns to us, we won’t leave you in the dark. We can make sense of the various analytics provided through the Facebook Adverts Manager and, just as importantly, can present them to you in plain, jargon-free language.

Our social media management service is built around your needs so if you want us to solely run your Instagram advertising then we can do that. If you need us to oversee your entire cross-platform social media operation we can also deliver that. Simply drop us a line and let us know what support you are looking for.

Educate Your In-House Social Media Team With 360 Spin Training

Would you like to run a hands-on social media advertising campaign but are worried about the steep learning curve involved. Or of making mistakes with your customer targeting or campaign budget? 360 Spin can turn you and your team into Instagram advertising specialists in no time with our high quality social media training package.

This is a flexible service which can be tailored to your goals and needs. For example, we could spend the entire programme on providing you with a deep understanding of Instagram and its advertising platform. Or we could provide a valuable grounding in social media marketing as a whole.

For more information on either our PPC, social media management or social media training packages, please don’t hesitate to contact us.