Riddles Bar Altrincham

Riddles Bar Altrincham

It was great to be invited down to Riddles bar in Altrincham and be asked to do a Google maps Business View tour for them. I love the idea of the prohibition 1920’s styling, the theme works well and compliments the type of drinks on offer. In the tour you’ll see the Bourbon Bar at the front offering ‘Slow Sippers’ and old-fashioned cocktails. The cosy intimate feel runs right through to the larger bar at the end where the cocktail making can really start. In the interests of research I had to sample the spiced rum cocktail of course.

Having set up a fresh Google+ page the business will benefit from having a Google tour on it, publicising the new bar and showcasing the quirky interior. This then appears across Google products such as search, maps, Google+ and of course putting the tour on their own website and social media.

Riddles Bar

28 Greenwood St
WA14 1RZ

Tel: o161 929 8053


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