360 Spin is based in the fascinating town of Stockport, once a humble settlement on the banks of the Mersey which grew in power to become a big part of the cotton industry which swept the north during the Industrial Revolution.

Today, Stockport benefits from its proximity to the bustling metropolis of Manchester but retains its own unique character.

Stockport: A Brief History

There are signs of settlement at Stockport since the middle stone age although evidence of occupation between the bronze age and the early middle ages is scant, consisting mainly of a few Roman findings of disputed importance.

Stockport doesn’t appear in the Domesday Book either although the reasons are unclear. William the Conquerer may have destroyed the settlement as part of his infamous ‘Harrying of the North’ campaign or it may have been counted as part of a greater estate (the name Stockport may derive from ‘stoke port,’ meaning ‘hamlet in a marketplace’).

In the 16th Century, Stockport consisted of a small town on the south bank of the Mersey and specialised in the cultivation of hemp and rope-making.

In 1644, Stockport supported Parliament in the English Civil War and was attacked by Prince Rupert. Then, in 1745, Stockport bridge was replaced by trenches to defend against the Jacobites of Charles Edward Stuart. Around this time, one of the first mechanised silk factories in the UK was built in the town as the Industrial Revolution took hold.

The town eventually became part of the booming cotton industry across the north of England and also found a niche in the production of hats, exporting 6 million a year at its peak. As with many northern towns, Stockport suffered as a combined result of war and fierce competition but has begun to capitalise on its rich heritage. Efforts have been made to regenerate the town in a similar way to nearby Manchester.

Things To Do In Stockport

Situated less than ten miles from Manchester, Stockport is a gateway to the superb shopping, dining and entertainment facilities of this famous city – not to mention two of the world’s most successful football teams and the Old Trafford cricket ground!

However, Stockport itself offers a wide range of activities for visitors to enjoy from high street shopping at the Merseyway Shopping Centre or Peel Centre to its own restaurants, museums and art galleries.

For those fascinated by the fashion industry, the Hat Works Museum of Hatting is a must-see. You can learn all about how the hat-making machines worked while children can indulge in dressing up. The World War II Air Raid Shelters are also amazing as you get to descend into the famous Stockport tunnels and imagine what it was like to face the bombs. You might need some fresh air after that so a picnic at Bramhall Park with its gardens, woodland and children’s play areas could be in order.

Travelling to Stockport

If you ever need to visit our offices or are simply interested in exploring the town, you will find that Stockport is easy to get to by road or rail. Both the A6 to London and the M60 Manchester orbital meet here while the railway station is conveniently situated on the West Coast Main Line. Buses and trains to Manchester are frequent and London is also well serviced with trains generally departing every 20 minutes or so. If you are flying across or into the UK, Manchester Airport is only five miles from us, perfect if you have a few hours between flights and want to explore beyond the city.

More detailed directions can be found on our Contact page or you can simply give us a call and we will be happy to help you find us. Getting Found is, after all, our speciality!

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