Social Media ManagementAre you on Top of your Social Media Game?

Social media has now taken centre stage in the world of business and brought with it new challenges and opportunities for business owners. Love it or hate it, the worst thing you can do with social media is to ignore it because it is through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the rest that brand influence now spreads.

Some business owners are comfortable with social media management but many more feel out of their depth or are adept in one platform but clueless about another. If you are in the latter camp and you don’t want to hire in a social media expert or outsource social media management to a third party, 360 Spin have the ideal solution.

Our experienced consultants can come to you and fill in any gaps in your knowledge with our comprehensive social media training package.

Social Media Training Tailored to your Business Needs

Too many social media training programmes take a ‘one size fits all’ approach, resulting in either generic information and hours filled with pointless padding or in-depth, overly technical information leaving trainees more confused than when they began.

360 Spin bespoke social media training is different. We build our training schedule around the skill set of your marketing team, the specific needs of your business and the social media platforms that are of most interest to you.

Which Platform is Right for you?

With so many new and exciting social media platforms popping up left, right and centre it can be tempting to try and juggle them all. From a business perspective this is likely to only lead to strained resources, incomplete understanding and a social media presence that harms your reputation rather than enhances it.

360 Spin will spend some time identifying the kind of business you run and the audience you are targeting and build your training around those social media channels that are most relevant. For example, if you run a highly visual and creative company with a target market of young professionals you may want to consider focusing on Instagram marketing. On the other hand, if you need to get content out quickly and be seen to be always where the action is, Twitter might be a better channel. If your audience is over 35 with very specific interests, the fine targeting ability and older demographic of Facebook could suit you best.

From Planning to Measuring: a Comprehensive Package

Many businesses struggle to get social media to work for them because they don’t have a clear and structured plan in place. The dynamic, flexible and informal nature of social media communication can be dangerous without an overall strategy to guide it, leading employees into risky territory.

360 Spin social media training will ensure that your social media activities are deliberate, proactive and planned rather than accidental, reactive and chaotic. For example, we will coach you in the importance of targeted scheduling of social media content to ensure your audience are actually in front of their screens when your message goes out; we will also teach you how best to respond to negative publicity which can, if handled badly, spread like wildfire. By the end of the programme, you will understand both how to use social media effectively and what the purpose of your communication is.

We will also familiarise you with the various ways in which progress can be monitored and the best tools for that job. Rather than shooting in the dark, your social media team will be able to identify and analyse important data and draw relevant conclusions. As with any effective business strategy, this data can then be used to adjust your overall social media strategy.

To book a social media training programme for your business, or to find out more about what our training entails, please call us today on 0161 610 9360