Introducing 360 Video for Facebook

The fast-paced evolution of both 360 degree photography and social media have culminated in the creation of 360 video for Facebook, opening up significant opportunities for businesses looking for new ways to attract and retain media-hungry customers.

360 video for Facebook uses the latest generation of high-tech 360 degree video  cameras to film footage from multiple directions at the same time. Whether the final product is an action-packed sci-fi promo (as recently launched by Star Wars), a holiday video, a recorded seminar or even a shop or studio premises, the user gets to experience the scene as if they were really participating.

The technology is compatible with several web browsers, including Google Chrome,  and also interacts with the gyroscopic technology on smartphones running Android and iOS very soon.

360 Video – A World of Opportunities

By combining the advantages of a massive social network with the latest technology, 360 video for Facebook virtually guarantees widespread exposure for those creative businesses who are first to market. For example, if you run a restaurant, you could consider creating a virtual Facebook restaurant where potential diners could sample the atmosphere, take in the décor and views and witness your impeccable service standards at first hand.

Another option would be to record a seminar or conference with 360 degree film technology and post it on to Facebook so delegates who missed the live event could experience the next best thing – a virtual front row seat complete with 360 degree perspective.

Once the buzz really takes off everyone will want a piece of the action, so it is  important to steal a lead on competitors by acting early. As providers of Google Trusted Street View Photography, 360 Spin are highly experienced in the area of 360 degree  photography and editing and are on hand to advise you every step of the way.

Deliver the Future to Your Customers – Today!

When 360 video for Facebook is opened up to individual developers, there will be a flood of exciting content, just like when Facebook videos first began appearing in the news stream. This is why it is critical that business owners get working on content as soon as possible so they can be among the first to benefit. 360 Spin are available right now to talk to you about your 360 video for Facebook plans and to advise you on a way forward. Of course, 360 Spin also have the specialist 360 degree filming technology and editing experience you will need to bring those plans from storyboard to reality.

360 Spin are keeping a close eye on the way the 360 degree filming industry is moving. With Facebook acquiring the Oculus VR headset technology, 360 degree films will soon become integrated into ever more immersive platforms; these will undoubtedly include interactive elements to draw users deeper into the experience than ever before. We can help you to make sure that your customers are fully engaged with your business and minimise the risk of them being tempted to look elsewhere.

Explore the opportunities by calling our friendly team today.