Google’s Trusted Photographer in Manchester

With expertise in producing professional standard, high-quality panoramic virtual tours, our photographer Nicola is set to get involved with the Google Business Photo project.

Google Business Photos enables prospective customers to fully explore your shop, showroom, salon, etc. and are a great way to enhance your online presence.

Using top quality panoramic photography combined with sophisticated HDR, image stitching and image matching technologies, prospects can navigate their way through your premises with ease. A simple on-screen navigation menu (or mouse controls) allows users to pan in all directions, horizontally and vertically; zoom in to observe details or out for a wider angle, and move freely around your premises as if they were really there.

Google Business Photos are suitable for many different types of business, although those with striking architecture or design, unusual features or spectacular views are particularly likely to benefit.

To ensure consistent high quality across the platform, Google Trusted Photographers were recruited to service businesses in their geographical area. As a result, Nicola Williams is now your Google Trusted Photographer for the Manchester and Stockport areas.

Do You Need Google Trusted Photography?
Shooting images indoors is a specialist skill, and one which Nicola has considerable experience in. Lighting is often very poor, and space can be restricted, leading to pictures of inferior quality. If you are intending to raise your profile via Google Places, you might want to consider how your virtual tour might compare with other businesses that have opted for Google Trusted Photography.

In common with other Google Trusted Photographers, Nicola comes equipped with the necessary expertise and specialist equipment to bring your images up to the expected standard.

Business as Usual
There is no need to shut up shop or make any special effort to accommodate our photographer. Shooting can often be completed in an hour (depending on the size of the business), and our photographer will work quickly and discreetly to provide minimal disturbance to your customers. As it is the responsibility of the business owner to inform customers and staff that filming is in progress, we recommend that clear signs are put up to avoid any issues. Should people be included in the pictures, rest assured that their faces will be blurred to protect privacy.

Google Business Photos were created to give your business the opportunity to present itself as it would be seen by anyone walking in off the street, therefore no preparation is necessary prior to shooting. Having said that, a thorough clean and tidy is recommended to give your virtual customers a positive first impression.

Nicola is a trained and certified Google Trusted Photographer, and will agree terms with your business directly. If you are a local business, please give us a call on 0161 610 9360 to book a shoot or for more information. Contact us for more details.

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