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Google Business Photos and How They Can Help You Advertise Your Business Online

Google is arguably one of the most important marketing mediums in the entire world. Aside from its worldwide reach, Google also makes research and advertising efficient for both business owners and their clients. However, you can expand the services and features of Google by using Google business photos.

Thanks to services like Google Street View, Maps and Places, business owners who aren’t satisfied with simply being listed on Google, now have the means of offering interested clients a 360 virtual tour of their business establishment. These special features give business owners the means to appeal to prospective clients beyond the confines of traditional internet marketing.

Also, this type of feature is particularly ideal for business establishments which belong to the service industry. Shops, Boutiques, Salons, Restaurants and Hotels actually have a lot to benefit from these particular services, given their reliance on aesthetics and appeal.

Google business photos allow customers to explore and interact with different parts of your shop or establishment. You can also add links to your own website as well as videos and podcasts to make the experience truly interactive. This is a great way of using the characteristics of different online mediums to create a fully interactive advertising medium.

Of course, it’s not enough to simply upload a bunch of photos online. In many cases, you also have to make sure that the photos that you’re submitting will look great on a laptop’s screen. What this basically means is that business owners will need to find a good photographer who can shoot and edit images for Google. Also, the entire process requires specialists who know how to use software for creating photos for Google.

Google and its affiliates can help you contact these photographers at your leisure. Its worth pointing out however that these photographers are not affiliated with Google directly, and therefore, different photographers will have offer different prices for their services.

If you’re having trouble contacting a photographer, you’ll be glad to know that Google offers an online application form for those who have trouble contacting a photographer in their area. Also, they will assist you in any way you need to facilitate your desired photo shoot.

Once you have contacted a photographer that you like, you can
make arrangements with him or her as to which areas of your establishment you would like to be photographed. When the photo-shoot has been confirmed a photographer will take high quality still photographs of your place of business. These photos will then be stitched into a 360 degree view with the help of panoramic camera technology. Google itself has certified the photographers, so you don’t need to worry about the quality.

Once all the photos have been finished, you can upload them to Google by signing up for Google Places. You can then look at the photos and the 360 degree imagery whenever you search for them on Google.

And that is basically how this particular service can help you improve your online advertizing abilities. By using Google business photos, you will be able to attract more people into visiting your business establishment, and at the same time, beat your rivals in the long run.


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