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Increase Online Presence and Consumer Confidence With Google Trusted Photography

Google continued to bring in exciting and innovative internet marketing features in a bid to help businesses get found easily by the consumers and also influence the buying behavior of the audiences. The main aim of making known a brand name is to be able to turn traffic into sales. Google Trusted Photography joins the set of internet marketing attributes, which have been introduced into the market in the recent times after others such as the Google Places and Google Maps. The Google photography is aimed at capturing the business images in a 360-degree imagery footage, which makes consumers to be able to have a glance at your business.

This photography applies the Street View technology where experts visit your business on the streets and take comprehensive photography of your business and turn it to 360-degree for easy navigation and viewing on the internet. The Google Trusted Photography team works closely with you and will schedule a shoot session in your business premises. The experts are able to produce the shoots very quickly and in a non disruptive way ensuring that nothing in your business will be affected.

The photography is personalized to your internet marketing needs and the team will show what you want to be shown. The business features which you do not want to be shown are selectively removed from the footage. What this photography does is that it creates a rare experience where the audience feels as though they are right in your store or shop. The interactive features on the video allow customers to find you, walk through and gain an insight and feeling of your business interior.

This helps in creating confidence among the visitors who can easily be converted into leads. The Street View technology compliments the Google Maps and Google Places further helping businesses not only get found but also get felt by the audiences. Using the services of Google Trusted Photography experts helps in enhancing the ranking of your site by Google. If you use Street View technology in creating 360 degree imagery photography, this helps in pushing your business higher on the search results. The audiences can easily find your business and learn more about it in visual presentations.

In addition, through the Google 360 degree photography, businesses are able to promote their Google Place page. Audiences are also able to view the business images in Google Maps. Businesses can stand out of their competitors by complimenting their online viewership with the Google photography. Since the audiences find your site more engaging and interactive, they are more likely to share it among the social media sites like Google+, Facebook and Twitter, something, which further promotes your online presence.

Besides these images appearing in Google searches, Google Places, and in Google Maps, the Google Trusted Photography 3-degree footage is also easily embedded on websites, blog pages and social media pages. This definitely increases the viewership of your site leading to increased traffic, improved sales and increased returns on investment- ROI. In a nutshell, if you would like to enhance the presence and visibility of your business online, the Google photography offers a good option.

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