Bring Your Business to Life with 360 Virtual Tours

They say a picture paints a thousand words, so imagine what you can say about your business when that picture becomes a panoramic, interactive experience with 360 Virtual Tours.

Nicola Williams is now a Google trusted provider of Google Business Photos, the latest visual enhancement to be rolled out by the IT giants. Users of Google Earth and Google Maps will have no doubt come across the ‘Street View’ feature, whereby you can explore areas of interest from street level. Google Business Photos goes one step further and takes you inside featured premises, enabling you to browse to your heart’s content without leaving your computer.

In the competitive world of online advertising, it is vital to keep abreast of new developments and implement them quickly if they will increase interest in your business. It is known that many people search online for information and advice before making offline purchases but, for all its comfort and convenience, online browsing can often be dull and uninspiring. Google Business Photographs offer potential customers a refreshing new angle on virtual shopping.

Customers will really love browsing your business. With simple yet flexible navigational controls they can look around, up and down, travel through doorways and up stairs to discover new features and perspectives. Your Google Business Photo will also be integrated into your search results and Google Maps and Places listings, creating a visual interest that will draw your virtual customers in from their virtual streets. You can even feature your Google Business Photo on your own website or blog.

If your business is particularly attractive or inspiring, you might find news spreading quickly over the web.

Which Types of Businesses Can Benefit?
Practically any business can benefit from displaying its unique character with 360 Virtual Tours (and if you don’t think your premises look good enough, maybe it’s time you decorated!)
Businesses that work particularly well are those with out of the ordinary architecture, design or layout; where visual aspects of the business illustrate a particular concept; where there are spectacular or historically interesting views or simply where words fail to adequately capture a feature of your business.
There are times when your premises look better than others. Perhaps you have hanging, glass chandeliers that scatter rainbows around the room on a sunny afternoon. By creating a visual record that presents your business in its best light, you will have a permanent online record of its highlights, even on a rainy day.

Preparing for the Big Day

360 Virtual Tours give you a rare opportunity to showcase your business. Before we arrive to take your pictures, spend some time planning exactly how you want to present your premises. Think about branding, and how you can illustrate your core values through your virtual tour. If your business is quirky, pick out some items that illustrate that and display them prominently. If you prefer to present a neat, corporate image, don’t leave clutter on the desks and chairs. This is particularly important with food establishments, for example restaurants, where your kitchen will need to be in immaculate condition to avoid turning guests away!

How Many Photographs Will I Get?
Google business photos provide from 6 to 30 virtual tours and 10 to 15 still images. You will also be eligible for a £50 voucher (contact us for more details)

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